March 21, 2019

ODF Statement on its delegation heading home

A high level delegation of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) has departed for home this afternoon for talks with the Ethiopian government. The ODF was formed in exile in 2013 with the hope of relocating at home among its people and conduct a nonviolent political struggle. After several years of relentless efforts to engage the Ethiopian government, the much anticipated day has arrived with great excitement.

The Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) decided from its inception to pursue the path of nonviolent political struggle to defend the rights of the Oromo and other peoples, and secure freedom, justice, democracy, and prosperity for all Ethiopians. Accordingly, returning to our country and establishing itself among its constituents at home, and establishing a legal status in order to play its part in our country’s democratization has been and continues to be the ODF’s highest priority. To this end, we hope our discussions with the government will be fruitful.

The ODF team is expected to start its long standing efforts to be among our people. We are acutely aware that the road to peace, stability and democratization will be treacherous, complicated and paved with innumerable obstacles. Yet, we are determined more than ever to stay the course. Accordingly, we would relentlessly continue with our efforts to engage all political actors in our country to realize a just and genuinely democratic order, and sustainable and equitable development in Ethiopia.

Freedom and Justice for All
Oromo Democratic Front (ODF)

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