February 22, 2019

Another State of Emergency in Ethiopia?

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ODF Statement For Immediate Release: Another State of Emergency in Ethiopia? There is nothing more counterproductive than drinking salt water in order to quench one’s thirst. Similarly, re-imposing another state of emergency in Ethiopia in order to suppress society’s legitimate resistance against the imposition of an illegitimate coercive order can only exacerbate an already fragile security situation. When will Ethiopia’s rulers understand that the wielding of naked force is the root cause of the turmoil that has ravaged the country during the last three years? The people have no other option than stepping up their resistance until their rights as individuals…

ODF Statement on the Release of Bekele Gerba and Colleagues from Detention

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We are relieved and elated to learn that Bekele Gerba and colleagues have been released from detention. Bekele in particular has established himself as a giant but gentle champion of nonviolent struggle for justice. To the vast majority of Ethiopians, Bekele Gerba represented the moral clarity of Martin Luther King Jr. and the defiance and steadfastness of Nelson Mandela. We congratulate his family, colleagues in the struggle and friends and the Oromo and Ethiopian populace at large for winning his freedom. We believe his release marks a major milestone opening the democratic space to resolve all the political, economic and…

NEW: ODF on the just released statement by the Central Committee of OPDO_February 6, 2018

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ODF on the just released statement by the Central Committee of OPDO We have reviewed, with great interest and care, the just released statement of the just concluded meeting of the Central Committee of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), the governing party in the Oromia National Regional State, and a constituent member of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). In the statement, OPDO expressed its willingness and readiness to work with Oromo opposition groups, both inside the country and outside, in promoting the interests and wellbeing of the Oromo people and all the people…