March 21, 2019

VOA Interview with Obbo Leenco Bati

Leenco Bati

You can find below the link for the full interview that Obbo Leenco Bati did with VOA here regarding #OromoProtests and the current crisis in Ethiopia.

Haala Yeroo Ammaa Itiyoophiyaa Keessa Jiru Ilaalchisee Labsa ADO

Official ODF Logo

Haala Yeroo Ammaa Itiyoophiyaa keessa jiru ilaalchisee labsa ADO Guraandhala 17, 2016 Koreen Hojii Raw’achiiftuu Adda Demokraatawaa Oromo (ADO), baatii sadeen dabran kana keessa sochii fi halleen Oromiyaa keessatti deemaa jiru gadi-fageenyaan xinxaluun erga irratti mari’atee booda toftaa fi tattaafiin Wayyaaneen aangoo ishee bakka duriitti deebifachuuf carraaqaa jirttu kan fashalee fi bu’a-dhabeessa ta’uu isaa mirkaneessee jira. Qabsoo ummanni Oromoo hidhannoo-malee fincilaa fi diddaan geggeessaa jiru ADOn ni deggera; mamii tokko malee bira dhaabbatas. Haa ta’u malee cunqursaa fi hacuuccaan gosa kamiiyyuu ummata Oromomoo harka kennisiisee diinaaf gadi-galoo akka hin taasifne hubatamuu qaba. Ummanni Oromoo mirga abbaa biyyummaa deebifachuuf, biyya guutuu…

Open Letter to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn

ODF OpenLetter

H. E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Office of the Prime Minister P. O. Box 1031 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Please allow me to extend my greetings at a time when my heart is, once again, grieving for all the Oromo that are being killed, jailed and brutally assaulted by your security forces merely for demanding their legitimate constitutional rights. During the last four months, reports reaching us from the center, east, south and west of Oromia indicate that hundreds have been killed, thousands have been wounded and tens of thousands are being…

ODF Statement on Ethiopia’s Current Situation

Official ODF Logo

ODF Statement on Ethiopia’s Current Situation February 17, 2016 The Executive Committee of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) having deliberated on the unfolding situations in Oromia over the last three months has reached the conclusion that further attempts by the regime to reassert total control are futile and actually counterproductive. Reiterating our unwavering support for non-violent resistance by the Oromo people in their struggle for human rights, freedom, and democracy, we want to make one thing abundantly clear: No amount of violent suppression by the regime will any longer cow the Oromo into submission. As the Oromo people, determined to…