March 21, 2019

Individual and group rights: a dichotomy or a duality?

Leenco Lata

Whether the relationship prevailing between individual and group rights is a dichotomy or a duality centrally figures in the ongoing pre-election inter-party debates in Ethiopia. This would strike other democracies as rather strange because the settlement of this issue is normally part of the constitutional process that necessarily precedes scheduling and conducting periodic elections. The fact that such a basic principle is the subject of debate clearly demonstrates that the incumbent and some of the opposition parties hold differing opinions about the present Ethiopian constitution. Hence, those critical of the present constitution aim not only to unseat the incumbent party…

ODF Statement On The Killings Of Innocent Ethiopians In Libya, SA and Yemen

ODF Statement

The Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) condemns in the strongest terms the killings and violent atrocities committed against Ethiopian immigrants in Libya, South Africa, and Yemen. The gruesome and extremely cruel murder of Ethiopian Christians in Libya is an appalling terrorist violence that shocks human conscience. We denounce these senseless and heinous terrorist crimes meted against innocent lives without showing any mercy to fellow human beings. We are also disturbed by another tragic event that is taking place in South Africa. The xenophobic violence unleashed against African immigrants took the life of many who came to the country either in search…