August 23, 2014

  • LenchoOMN

    OMN Interviews Ob. Lencho Lata, ODF President

    You can hear the three-part interview ODF President Obbo Lencho Lata made with Oromo Media Network (OMN) by following these YouTube links. OMN: Qophii Addaa (Ob. Leencoo Lataa Kutaa 1ffaa) Waxabajjii 27, 2014 OMN: Qophii Addaa (Ob Leencoo Lataa Kutaa 2ffaa) Waxabajjii 28, 2014 OMN: Qophii Addaa (Ob Leencoo Lataa Kutaa 3ffaa), Waxabajjii 29, 2014

  • St. Paul Capitol, MN

    #OromoProtests Around the Globe

    Oromos from every corner of the world came out yesterday (May 9) and days before, to stand in solidarity with our Oromo brothers and sisters that are being persecuted in Oromia for raising a legitimate and constitutional question regarding the Finfinne expansion. Here are collection of pictures from the many cities where peaceful protests were held.

  • OromoProtests

    #OromoProtests New Website is an information portal on the current student and public protests taking place across the Oromia region of Ethiopia. It seeks to provide information from various sources on what the protests are about, who is involved, current news/article on the latest developments and how you can get involved to support. They have downloadable information for rally organizers and concerned individuals who would like to take an active role in supporting this movement.

  • Amboprotest

    Ethiopian Regime Kills at least 15 people in Ambo – Madote

    OromoWiki – U.S.-based journalist Kassahun Yilma is reporting at least 15 people have been killed in Ambo, Ethiopia, after security forces opened fire at demonstrators. Among the confirmed dead include Endale Desalegene, a 9th grader, and two federal police officers, Kassahun tweeted. The protesters came together to oppose the “Integrated Urban Development” Master Plan of Addis Ababa, a plan protesters say is intended at taking lands from Oromos near Addis Ababa and giving them to party loyalists. Read full story here…

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    Updates On Oromo Protests Against Finfinne Expansion

    OromoWiki Update – Six people killed in Guder town . Heavy crackdown going on in Gimbi and Dambi Dollo towns. — Update: Death at from Yesterday’s massacre in Ambo feared to have been as high as 20 and in Robe (Bale) 3 death is reported. Addis Ababa University students stage protest ( picture below). At Haromaya University an explosion took place wounding scores of students watching soccer game; death reported but number unconfirmed. Dire Dawa University-about 300 students are said have been taken to jail. Heavy police and military presence across college campuses and city centers across the country. Read…


Updated_ODF Public Meeting MN_Final

Waamicha Walgahii Ummata Oromoo Nannoo Minnesota Jirtaniif

May 26, 2014

Jijjiira bikka fi guyyaa walgahii Guyyaa: Saturday, June 14, 2014 Bikka: Central High School of Saint Paul, 275 Lexington Parkway North, St Paul, MN 55105 Yeroo: 3:30wb Haala Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo,  Sochii yeroo ammaa Oromoonni biyyaa keessaa itti jiranii fi fuul-dura Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo irratti marii bal’a geggeessuuf ADO/ODF Waamicha walgahii kabajaan  isini goodha.



May 3, 2014

Kerry misses chance to press Addis Ababa on political liberalization U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, Thursday in the first leg of his three-nation trip to Africa “to encourage democratic development.” He came to a country rocked by mounting student protests against the government and vicious military crackdowns that left scores dead and wounded, as well as the troubling imprisonment of dissident journalists and bloggers. To his credit, Kerry raised concerns about the tightening of press freedom in Ethiopia. “I made clear to Ethiopian officials that they need to create greater opportunities for citizens…


Protests Grow Over Addis Ababa’s Expansion

May 3, 2014

Ethnic Oromo students in Ethiopia are ratcheting up opposition to the territorial expansion of the Horn of Africa nation’s capital, Addis Ababa. Thousands of students at all eight regional universities in Oromia, the largest of Ethiopia’s federal states, turned in recent days to demand an immediate halt to the city’s so-called “Integrated Development Master Plan,” unveiled earlier this month. Today, Tuesday 29 April, an estimated 25,000 people, including residents of Ambo town in central Oromia, participated in a city wide demonstration, in the largest show of opposition to the government’s plans to date. A handful of students have been injured…


Ethiopia protest: Ambo students killed in Oromia state

May 3, 2014

At least nine students have died during days of protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia state, the government has said. However, a witness told the BBC that 47 were killed by the security forces. She said the protests in Ambo, 125km (80 miles) west of Addis Ababa began last Friday over plans to expand the capital into Oromia state. The government did not say how most of the deaths had been caused but the Ambo resident said she had seen the army firing live ammunition. “I saw more than 20 bodies on the streets,” she said. “I am hiding in my house…


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ODF Press Release regarding the killing and arresting of peaceful Oromo protesters

Here is a statement released by ODF regarding the killing and arresting of peaceful Oromo protesters on the issue of Finfinne (in Afaan Oromoo, English and Amharic versions). Ibsa ADO Finfinnee Illaalchisee Statement of ODF on Finfinne (Addis Ababa) English version ODF Press Release on Finfinne (addis Ababa) Amharic Version  

ODF Statement

Walitti bu’insa dhihenyatti Oromoota Booranaa fi Gujii gidduutti ta’e ilaalchisee ibsa ADO

Addi Demokiraatawaa Oromoo ADOn walitti bu’insa dhiheenya goosota Oromoo Booranaa fi Gujii gidduutti ta’ee miidhama guddaa qaqqabeef gadda guddaa itti dhaga’amu ibsata. Sababa walitti bu’iinsa kanaanis lubbuu fi qabeenyi heedduun galaafatameera. Hundeen rakkoo kanaas hirdhina bulchiinsa gaarii fi sarbama mirga ilma namaa kan Ethiopia kessatti raawatamaa jiru ta’uun isaa mamsiisa mitti. Rakkoon akkanaa hawaasa giddutti akka hin dhalanne bulchiinsi moottummaa eeggannaa barbaachisu hunda gochuutu isarra ture. Mormii fi dhibdee dhalateefis gara lameenuu irraa dhageefachuudhan furmaata gama lachuu walitti harkisu lafa kaayutu silaa irraa eegama. Kun ta’uu dhabuu irraa dhiigni obboleewwan lamaan jiduutti dhangala’ee jira. Kun gaddisiisaa dha.

ODF Statement

ODF New Year Message

As the year 2013 gives way to 2014, we, members of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), wish our fellow Oromo as well as all the other peoples of Ethiopia a Happy New Year! The launching of the ODF in 2013 heralded the entry of the decades-old struggle of our people for self-determination into a brand new phase. This re-articulation of the objectives of the Oromo struggle for self-determination is predicated on forging a close relation between our quest for our national rights and the struggle for same rights by all those living in our proximate environment. We proceeded from the…


Statement on the Mistreatment of Immigrants from Ethiopia in Saudi Arabia

We, members of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), strongly condemn all actions of brutality carried out against migrant workers from Ethiopia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Leave alone our fellow Oromos, we do not wish such dehumanizing, barbaric, and vicious violence being inflicted on any human being whatsoever.  Although officials of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have every right to ask foreigners to leave their country, it should be done in a civilized fashion where people are not dehumanized and abused. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the UN charter, has an obligation to observe and protect human rights…